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Shared Responsibilities in the Cloud

By Charles Lee
| | 2 min read


ThousandEyes is a committed partner to our customers in securing their cloud.

Model of Sharing

As a cloud service provider, ThousandEyes shares the responsibility for security and privacy with you, the customer. We each have a role in protecting information in this collaborative model. Below is a visual of the user entity controls (UEC) that defines these roles by domain.


ThousandEyes demonstrates its commitment to helping you secure your data through a variety of methods. This includes a robust security and privacy information management system supported by regular auditing, continuous monitoring, and processes for improvement. Leverage this partnership by doing your part and implementing the required controls. 

Security is everyone’s responsibility! 

More Information

For details on how ThousandEyes partners with customers in securing their cloud space see the details in: User Entity Controls (UEC). 

If you need assistance in implementing these controls, contact a ThousandEyes Account Manager. 

Be sure to visit the Cisco Trust Portal (search for ThousandEyes) for current security and privacy documentation.

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