The Best CRM Experience
from Any Location

Optimize your network to connect your global
workforce to Dynamics 365 Online.

Monitor Dynamics 365 from Your Offices and End Users

See Dynamics 365 Performance from Key Points in Your Network

Measure Dynamics 365 Online connectivity and web performance from Enterprise Agents
in key offices and Endpoint Agents wherever your employees are.
ThousandEyes Agent Deployment for Monitoring Microsoft Dynamics 365

Measure Baseline Performance

Establish periodic baseline measurements
from lightweight Enterprise Agents
in your offices, data centers
and call centers.

Capture Real-Time User Sessions

Troubleshoot web and network
performance issues from employee
laptops and desktops with
Endpoint Agents.

Get Visibility into the Entire Connection

Understand connectivity across
wireless and wired networks,
your WAN, transit providers and
Microsoft data centers.

Correlate Dynamics 365 Online Availability and Connectivity

Get a complete view of Dynamics 365 Online performance with page load waterfalls,
real user sessions and network connection topologies.
ThousandEyes Endpoint Agent User Session for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online

Dig into Web Performance

Measure page load timing,
full web transactions and track
performance of third-party elements
in Dynamics integrations.

User-to-Cloud Network Visibility

Get additional end user context
with wireless, WAN, VPN, proxy
and other troublesome parts
of network performance.

Troubleshoot Issues Anywhere

Isolate root causes from local DNS
records to spotty wireless coverage to
transit ISP failures in any office or location
your team uses Dynamics 365 Online.

Optimize for the Best Dynamics 365 Online Experience

Plan and troubleshoot network connectivity from each of your offices
and employees working from the home or the field.
ThousandEyes Path Visualization for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online

Plan Your Next Move

Map out network capacity in advance,
test new Dynamics 365 Online rollouts
and determine optimal routes and
ISPs for remote offices.

Spot Performance Bottlenecks

Visualize performance across your
offices and users to locate the
source of loss, latency or connection
issues within any network.

Collaborate Directly with Microsoft

Securely share real-time and
historical data with
Dynamics 365 Online
technical operations teams.
Protecting your privacy is a top priority for ThousandEyes