Monitor Networks Anywhere

ThousandEyes monitors network and application
performance anywhere — across LAN, WAN,
data center, Internet and cloud segments.

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Monitor Inside Your Network and Across the Internet

WAN and Internal Apps

Monitor TCP, VoIP, FTP and HTTP-based traffic across your corporate network with Enterprise Agents. See performance of browser-based apps, wireless and wired networks from Endpoint Agents.

SaaS and Cloud Apps

Monitor any remotely-hosted app from Enterprise Agents in your branches and data centers. Or get an employee perspective from in the office with Endpoint Agents.

Consumers and Remote Workers

Track performance to your applications from Cloud Agents that simulate customer traffic in 190+ cities — from Adelaide to Zurich. And Endpoint Agents give you a view of remote worker performance.

Rich Visualizations Turn Monitoring into Network Intelligence

Troubleshoot network outages quickly with path and route visualizations
that highlight faulty interfaces and links in any network.

Extend Monitoring with Alerts, Reports and Interactive Sharing

Derive deep intelligence about your network with custom alerts, reports embeddable on any page,
and fully interactive views that you can share with vendors or customers.

Monitor All of Your Critical Services and Infrastructure

BGP Routing

Oversee routing into and
out of your network.

CDN Providers

Measure CDN performance from
users to edge to origin.

DDoS Attacks

Understand DDoS attacks and
mitigation from a user's perspective.

DNS Services

Monitor your DNS servers,
resolvers and vendors.

End User Experience

See how employees experience
SaaS and internal services.

IaaS Providers

Understand web and network health
as your organization moves to the cloud.

Internet Service Providers

Keep your service providers accountable
with actionable outage data.

Network Devices

Determine whether device health is
impacting application performance.

SaaS Providers

Get end-to-end visibility from your
employees to your cloud providers.

VoIP Services

Pinpoint issues in either on-premises
or UCaaS voice services.


Optimize your WAN
on a local and global scale.

Websites & Applications

Quickly understand how web
performance is affected by the network.

Wireless & LAN

See wired and wireless LAN performance
from an end user perspective.

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