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Neustar Selects ThousandEyes for External Network Visibility to Ensure Superior Customer Experiences

San Francisco, CA —
Neustar Selects ThousandEyes for External Network Visibility to Ensure Superior Customer Experiences

ThousandEyes, the network intelligence company that provides visibility into the internet, cloud and every network that companies run on, today announced Neustar, Inc., a trusted, neutral provider of real-time information services with leading digital defense and performance solutions, has selected ThousandEyes to help it gain visibility into external network dependencies to ensure quality customer experience across Neustar's Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) mitigation defense network. Neustar's network is the world's largest dedicated DDoS mitigation defense network.

The Neustar digital defense and performance solutions help organizations defend their digital assets and provides customers with intelligence that works beyond the point of entry, resulting in increased resilience against disruptions and cyberattacks. Neustar SiteProtect NG™, a cloud-based DDoS mitigation solution with 10+Tbps scrubbing capacity, is an optimal solution when attacks are volumetric in nature and larger than local network capacities or when on-premise hardware becomes too cumbersome to manage.

Neustar selected ThousandEyes to provide external visibility into third-party networks in order to monitor the digital experience from all over the globe and proactively resolve nascent issues before they became a problem. Neustar leverages ThousandEyes vantage points from more than 174 cities around the world to provide deep visibility into the network paths between global Internet service providers and Neustar's customers. With this information, Neustar can instantly identify service issues and enhance service delivery for their customers.

"Delivering a DDoS scrubbing service requires a high capacity network, multiple distributed Points of Presence around the world, and high capacity connections to multiple ISPs in every region," said Matt Wilson, Director of Network Engineering, Neustar. "We need visibility into the complete network path between us and our customers without gaps, and ThousandEyes provides the ability to proactively see every network path change and mitigate any service impacts. Deploying ThousandEyes has improved Neustar's ability to partner with both customers and Internet Service Providers, allowing us to provide a more robust service experience, with the largest global dedicated DDoS mitigation network of 10+Tbps mitigation capacity and the Neustar NetProtect™ solution which directly connects 61 global data centers."

"With the significant recent increase in DDoS attacks, Neustar's services are more critical than ever for their customers and partners. We built ThousandEyes to provide complete visibility into every network for essential services such as this," said Mohit Lad, co-founder and CEO of ThousandEyes. "We're proud to be helping Neustar secure and maintain the confidence of its customers with exceptional levels of service."

About ThousandEyes

ThousandEyes, the Internet and Cloud Intelligence company, delivers the only collectively powered view of the Internet enabling enterprises and service providers to work together to improve the quality of every digital experience. The ThousandEyes platform leverages data collected from an unmatched fleet of vantage points throughout the global Internet, from within data centers and VPCs and on end user devices to expose key dependencies that impact digital service delivery, empowering businesses to see, understand and improve how their customers and employees experience any digital website, application or service. ThousandEyes is central to the global operations of the world's largest and fastest growing brands, including 160+ of the Global 2000, 85+ of the Fortune 500, 6 of the 7 top US banks, and 20 of the 25 top SaaS companies. For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter at @ThousandEyes.

About Neustar

Neustar, Inc. is a leading global information services provider driving the connected world forward with responsible identity resolution. As a company built on a foundation of Privacy by Design, Neustar is depended upon by the world's largest corporations to help grow, guard and guide their businesses with the most complete understanding of how to connect people, places and things. Neustar's unique, accurate and real-time identity system, continuously corroborated through billions of transactions, empowers critical decisions across our clients' enterprise needs. More information is available at

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About ThousandEyes

ThousandEyes is a network intelligence platform that delivers visibility into every network your organization relies on, enabling you to resolve issues faster, improve application delivery and run your business smoothly.

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