Internet Performance Report: COVID-19 Impact Edition

Analyzing how the Internet responded to a pandemic,
and what it means for global Internet health.

The Internet Performance Report: COVID-19 Impact Edition is a measurement-based study of Internet health, examining the various network infrastructures critical to modern content delivery, namely those belonging to ISPs, as well as cloud, CDN and DNS providers.

By tracking network disruptions and key performance indicators for the various components of the Internet delivery chain between January and July of 2020, this report uncovers important insights into the resilience and behavior of the global Internet under "normal" conditions, as well as under conditions without precedent in its history.
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Here's Why You Should Read This Report

Understand Performance Across Critical Infrastructure

Based on findings from a measurement-based study, this report examines the health of telecom, public cloud, CDN, and DNS provider networks that play critical roles in modern content delivery.

See Your Network As Part of the Larger Internet Ecosystem

A vast number of service providers and protocols are involved in Internet transit. Sometimes, routing errors or peering relationships can send your traffic on an unexpected path, potentially impacting user experience.

Make Informed Architecture Decisions

Armed with better visibility into the operational and performance signatures that underlie the Internet, IT leaders and practitioners can plan and operate a more resilient, Internet-enabled IT environment.
"The findings from ThousandEyes' research will be critical in helping organizations understand the inter-dependencies that are at play between internal and external networks, and how to strengthen IT infrastructures now that the Internet has become a core component to manage."
Paul Bevan Research Director