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Best Practices for Assuring SD-WAN Performance


The Future of Enterprise Work

The most successful enterprises today have one thing in common: they have, over the years, invested in modernizing their IT infrastructure and business-critical applications. Enterprises that have adopted SaaS and cloud-based services to take advantage of the agility and resilience they offer are able to more seamlessly transition to supporting remote workforces, as employees now have access to the data and services they need wherever they are located. Further, enterprises that have shifted from traditional MPLS circuits to SD-WAN technology can now provide access to their corporate networks with greater flexibility and lower costs to branch offices and geographically distributed worksites.

If recent events have shown us one thing, it is that enterprise adoption of technologies such as SaaS and SD-WAN is here to say. This infographic highlights the key trends and forecasts behind this digital renaissance.

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