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The Internet Outages
Survival Guide

Unpacking Common Outage Types and How They Impact Your Business

When Internet outages happen, they can be extremely disruptive to your business.

While the interdependent, fragile nature of the Internet means that outages are inevitable, having visibility into these outages can significantly reduce the time to escalate and resolve these incidents, as well as enable you to better communicate with your customers.

In this eBook, we discuss the common causes of large-scale outages along with real-world examples that we have analyzed using the ThousandEyes platform. Key topics include:
  • The most common causes of large-scale Internet outages impacting businesses and consumers alike
  • Expert analysis of recent outages resulting from BGP routing errors, DDoS attacks, DNS reachability, and more
  • Recommendations for diagnosing and resolving Internet outages quickly
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