ServiceNow Uses ThousandEyes to Ensure Great Digital Experience

ServiceNow relies on ThousandEyes to monitor
global infrastructure and triage network issues
across the Internet to deliver a world-class
service to enterprise customers.

About the Company

ServiceNow makes work better across the
enterprise. Getting simple stuff done at work
can be easy, and getting complex multi-step
tasks completed can be painless.

Our applications automate, predict, digitize
and optimize business process and tasks,
from IT to Customer Service to Security
Operation and to Human Resources, creating
a better experience for your employees,
users and customers while transforming
your enterprise.
Industry: SaaS Headquarters: Santa Clara, CA, USA Use Case: ISP Monitoring, BGP Monitoring, Bi-directional Visibility, Application Monitoring
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Making the enterprise work better for everyone

ServiceNow is a cloud-based service management leader. Over the past few years, ServiceNow has experienced unprecedented growth in the enterprise segment with its platform widely used for IT service management.

Delivering a Critical Service Across the Internet

Since ServiceNow is a SaaS application handling critical IT functions within the enterprise, it is crucial for them to provide high availability. But a lack of visibility into how their application was delivered across the Internet made this a challenge. Despite a great application stack, ServiceNow was spending hours debugging performance issues and guessing what went wrong in delivering the application over the Internet. Another challenge was making more informed decisions about how to globally grow infrastructure to deliver better service.

"ThousandEyes' ability to debug problems across enterprise networks
and the Internet has helped us improve performance and keep our
enterprise customers happy. It's so important to us that we have a
dedicated screen in our NOC just for ThousandEyes."

Allan Leinwand
Chief Technology Officer

Putting the Network Under the Microscope

ServiceNow evaluated ThousandEyes along with many other well known vendors to help manage performance issues. During the evaluation itself, the ServiceNow team found quite a few issues that were outside their application servers yet affected service performance and had to be fixed.

Within no time, ServiceNow was able to manage performance of various important assets in their multiple data centers. With ThousandEyes, ServiceNow has the unique ability to look at the same event from different perspectives. Using a combination of Cloud and Enterprise Agents, ServiceNow monitors the availability of critical applications across globally dispersed data centers to rapidly identify where an issue resides, fix it and validate to ensure the fix has worked.
ThousandEyes Path Visualization
Figure 1. Nodes circled with red indicate packet loss inside an upstream ISP.

A Tricky Performance Problem

One morning, ThousandEyes alerted ServiceNow to degradation of their web performance to one of their data centers. By looking at the network layer, the operations team instantly identified it as a network issue. Using the Path Visualization, they further isolated the issue to a specific upstream provider.

Bharat Ranjan, Director of Network Engineering at ServiceNow recalls "We immediately knew where the issue was and reacted by first using the interactive sharing capability in ThousandEyes to share the problem with the affected provider, then we immediately changed our BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) preference to prefer another provider at the same location and route around the problem. It was great that we could actually visualize the BGP change and the change in the flow of traffic through ThousandEyes to ensure our change worked and we could resolve this issue in no time." ThousandEyes technology gave ServiceNow a single solution to examine the correlation between the HTTP layer, IP layer as well as BGP layer. Cody John, Network Architect at ServiceNow recounts "About 90% of the issues are related to ISP outages, and with ThousandEyes we can very quickly identify where and within which ISP the problem lies." Bi-directional path visibility into asymmetric Internet routing is also leveraged to identify and triage ISP escalations.

ServiceNow has received great value from ThousandEyes since its adoption and considers the service critical to ensure high availability to their Enterprise customers. Says Allan Leinwand, CTO at ServiceNow, "With its ability to debug problems across enterprise networks and the Internet, ThousandEyes is in a unique position to help us keep our enterprise customers happy. It's so important to us that we have a dedicated screen in our NOC just for ThousandEyes."
ThousandEyes BGP Route Visualization
Figure 2: BGP route change to an alternate path.

"90% of our issues are related to ISP outages. With ThousandEyes
we can quickly identify where and within which ISP the problem lies."

Cody John
Network Architect

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