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The Internet Outage Survival Kit

Equip yourself with the tools and knowledge you need to mitigate the next outage

Outages are an unavoidable, systemic feature of the Internet. But as the Internet becomes the new enterprise network responsible for holding many companies’ operations together, understanding how outages occur and resolving them has never been more crucial to ensuring business continuity.

We’ve put together a kit of some of our most popular Internet outage resources to help you prepare your team against unexpected outages. The Internet Outage Survival Kit includes:

  • Analyses of the most common causes of widespread Internet outages with recent, real-world examples
  • A breakdown of the protocols and services that are the fundamental building blocks of the Internet
  • Solutions and recommendations for mitigating and resolving the next Internet outage
  • A free Internet-themed T-shirt so you can fight Internet outages and look good doing it, too
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