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ThousandEyes Innovations: Powering Visibility for the Next Normal

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The recent pandemic has dramatically reshaped the enterprise workforce, moving more employees outside of the traditional enterprise perimeter. This shift to remote working is increasing the dependence on the Internet and on a myriad of cloud-based applications and services that promise increased agility and improved business resilience.

Remote workers rely on a number of SaaS-based productivity tools to maintain business continuity, and so IT teams are tasked with keeping these business-critical applications and infrastructure available and performant. However, the underlying digital supply chain now includes non-enterprise-grade environments, multiple external dependencies, and a best-effort, vulnerable Internet.

In this webinar, you'll hear about the newly introduced innovations within the ThousandEyes platform that address challenges faced by today's enterprise IT teams as they adjust to supporting a remote workforce in an increasingly Internet-dependent and cloud-centric ecosystem. Find out:

  • How to use the new multi-service views to see and manage all the complex digital supply chain dependencies in a single, consolidated view to expedite fault isolation and improve MTTI
  • How to deepen visibility into distributed, modular, API-centric applications using our adaptive API monitoring capabilities
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