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Industry Report

ZK Research: Work-from-Anywhere Increases Urgency for SD-WANs

In a COVID-19 world, business needs are shifting toward continuity. More employees are working from home due to the pandemic, putting a strain on enterprise networks. Organizations are realizing they need longer-term solutions to support large numbers of remote workers efficiently and securely.

Productivity has never relied more on the wide area network (WAN) infrastructure than in a time of crisis. For this reason, ZK Research conducted a study that measures the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on organizations across the United States and Canada from a technology perspective.

In this report, you’ll get answers to the following questions facing IT leaders about the future of working from anywhere:

  • What new technologies such as SD-WANs are they adopting?
  • What is likely to stay in place when businesses go back to “normal”?
  • Will anything ever go back to “normal”?
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