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ThousandEyes + SamKnows — Adding Millions of Vantage Points to Deepen Visibility into Last-mile Networks

By Mohit Lad
| | 4 min read


Today, Cisco announced its intent to acquire SamKnows to extend Cisco ThousandEyes' industry-leading view of the Internet and hybrid workforce experience.

September 12, 2023 Update: Cisco is pleased to announce the acquisition of SamKnows is complete.

Today, Cisco announced its intent to acquire SamKnows, a privately held broadband network monitoring company headquartered in London, UK, to extend Cisco ThousandEyes' industry-leading view of the Internet and hybrid workforce experience. For broadband providers and our customers today, the combination of ThousandEyes and SamKnows will accelerate the delivery of exceptional connected experiences over many more networks.

The Internet has become an essential resource for billions of people around the world, connecting us to everything from critical services to collaboration applications, and, yes, even cat videos. In the last few years, hybrid work has dramatically expanded the role of broadband networks, and companies are increasingly dependent on these networks to connect customers and employees to applications and services. Ensuring end-to-end connectivity from home environments is now essential for enterprises supporting remote employees, application providers reaching users, and broadband providers maintaining customer satisfaction.

SamKnows offers vast visibility and rich insight into consumer broadband networks, enabling network operators to see and improve network performance and application experience for their customers. Cisco’s acquisition of SamKnows will expand ThousandEyes’ visibility of broadband networks and last-mile performance through SamKnowss fleet of millions of vantage points on home routers and mobile devices connected to Internet service providers around the globe. It will also bring ThousandEyes’ end-to-end network assurance to more broadband service providers, enabling them to isolate and troubleshoot issues faster to assure a differentiated customer experience that reduces churn, attracts users, and enables them to better compete in today’s market. 

Only weeks ago, at Cisco Live, ThousandEyes announced new innovations to assure digital experiences over every network. Now, we’re continuing to execute on our network assurance vision to deliver a common operational language for enterprises, application providers, and Internet service providers to come together to see, understand, and optimize connected experiences for every user, over any network. Last week, Cisco announced the acquisition of Accedian, a service assurance company that will enable Cisco to deepen its visibility into communications service provider (CSP) core environments, enabling CSP customers to deliver the quality of service their users expect. This acquisition will enhance Cisco’s Data Center and Provider Connectivity portfolio, providing granular service insights that complement ThousandEyes’ end-to-end network and user experience visibility. 

We look forward to welcoming SamKnows to the Cisco ThousandEyes team when the acquisition closes, which we expect to happen in the first quarter of FY24. 

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