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New ThousandEyes Innovations To Assure Digital Experiences Everywhere

By Joe Vaccaro
| | 14 min read


ThousandEyes is introducing new innovations at Cisco Live 2023 designed to help enterprises expand end-to-end network visibility, provide faster insights, and enable seamless workflows for IT Operations to see, understand, and improve digital experiences over any network.

Delivering the best digital experiences has never been more critical to your business than it is today. Yet, increasingly complex and distributed networks and applications can make it difficult to deliver the ideal experience all of the time to every user. What’s more, domain-specific network tools don’t necessarily give IT teams meaningful insight into the networks beyond the corporate perimeter, and that can make troubleshooting time consuming—if not impossible. This lack of visibility creates a loss of control and inefficient operational workflows, potentially jeopardizing digital experience. 

Today, we’re announcing several new innovations aimed at helping our customers meet and overcome these challenges—to ultimately thrive in a connected world:

  • First, we’re delivering ubiquitous visibility into end-to-end network data so you can drill down into more of your network to identify issues and get them resolved quickly—whether in a retail space, office or at home. We’re introducing: 

  • Second, we’re accelerating insights through proactive intelligence so you can anticipate and immediately resolve issues to keep pace and meet service level requirements. We’re excited to bring you:

    • ThousandEyes Event Detection — To automatically surface meaningful incidents so you can respond more efficiently to what matters

    • AWS Path Enrichment — For unmatched visibility into your cloud connections with verified insights on the AWS network

  • Third, we’re enabling seamless workflows across your ecosystem of tools and management systems so you can automate actions. We’re announcing:

Expanding End-to-End Visibility 

At ThousandEyes, we continue to add vantage points to cover more connected locations, as well as more devices to support hybrid work and collaboration. In the past year alone, our cloud presence has expanded with over 200 new vantage points. We are deployed in 31 of 32 Amazon local zones. We monitor every Webex PoP worldwide, and monitor Webex calling services.

Through integrations with Cisco Meraki MX devices and Webex devices running RoomOS, we’re expanding visibility into digital experience from more vantage points across distributed enterprises and workforces. With more than one million Meraki MX and Cisco RoomOS devices eligible to run the ThousandEyes agent, IT teams have access to an unprecedented level of visibility across their connected enterprises.

ThousandEyes on Meraki MX

ThousandEyes Enterprise Agents are natively supported on Meraki MX devices. This new integration gives IT teams the ability to see from end-to-end between distributed, lean IT sites and business-critical applications and services—at scale—without the need to deploy and manage separate hardware. 

From within the Meraki dashboard, network teams have access to an ultra-simple workflow to mass-activate ThousandEyes agents across MX devices—and set up ThousandEyes active monitoring tests in just a few clicks using intuitive pre-configured templates for common applications. With ThousandEyes visibility from each MX site, IT teams will gain detailed network path and performance insight that will enable them to proactively identify problems, improve resolution times, minimize disruptions, and, most importantly, keep their sites connected to what matters to their business. 

Watch the demo below to see how the integration works.

Want to know more? This integration is currently planned for release in calendar Q4 2023. Sign up to be notified when it is available.

ThousandEyes on Cisco RoomOS Devices

ThousandEyes Endpoint Agents are now directly integrated onto Cisco RoomOS devices—including Desk Mini, Desk Pro, and Room Bar systems—further expanding our collaboration monitoring capabilities for Webex and, soon to come, other supported apps such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Google Meet that are interoperable with Webex devices. The result is that your teams gain the upper hand on managing a broad swath of the collaboration landscape. 

This integration makes it simple to monitor from dedicated room environments or personal devices without the added overhead of installing and maintaining additional software or equipment. Using ThousandEyes Endpoint Agent on RoomOS devices, IT teams can leverage automated session tests to rapidly identify and resolve issues with calls and meetings by visualizing the full network path of those services—all via easy activation through Webex Control Hub.

The data provided through this integration, which includes information on device uptime, CPU usage, memory usage, network latency, and packet loss, can be used to proactively detect and resolve issues that impact hybrid workspaces, further ensuring seamless and productive collaboration experiences.​

See how the integration works in the demo video below.

This integration is now available! See how you can gain powerful insights into your Webex meetings with ThousandEyes on our Cisco RoomOS integration page.

ThousandEyes for Cisco Secure Client

With a goal of helping IT and end-user support teams gain end-to-end visibility from the entirety of their employee populations, ThousandEyes Endpoint Agent is being made available as a module for Cisco Secure Client.

Featuring a unified distribution and installation process, our integration with Cisco Secure Client will make it easy to enable powerful end-user monitoring on Cisco SASE-enabled desktops and laptops, eliminating visibility gaps to give IT teams ubiquitous control over workforce digital experience in their hybrid work environments.

This integration is now available

Faster Resolution Through Proactive Intelligence

Providing seamless application experiences over Internet and cloud environments requires a proactive and automated monitoring approach—something we discussed at length when we announced the release of ThousandEyes WAN Insights just a few weeks back. Today, we’re building on that approach by announcing and previewing two additional innovations: ThousandEyes Event Detection and AWS Network Path Enrichment.

ThousandEyes Event Detection

ThousandEyes Event Detection simplifies and accelerates troubleshooting by automating the process of detecting, analyzing, and resolving critical issues across the digital delivery stack. This new innovation reduces the need to manually troubleshoot network problems by automatically detecting and surfacing incidents when they occur and where they’re occurring. 

Similar to how ThousandEyes Internet Insights automatically detects global ISP and SaaS outages, Event Detection applies powerful and sophisticated algorithmic logic to analyze the data from your own tests, correlating across each to discover anomalies, triangulate the source of problems, and highlight impacted locations and applications—automatically eliminating “noisy'' false positives and red herrings. Event Detection further categorizes ongoing and historical incidents based on problem domain, such as at the DNS, server, network, proxy, or related to a network outage—enabling a better understanding of service disruptions over time. 

Event detection is designed to help teams quickly get to the root cause of issues and dramatically reduce mean time to detect (MTTD) and mean time to identify (MTTI).

Want to know more? Check out this in-person session at Cisco Live to hear how we’re creating events out of data.

AWS Network Path Enrichment

ThousandEyes AWS Network Path Enrichment gives teams deeper visibility into the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud network by enriching ThousandEyes Path Visualization with data from public and proprietary AWS data sources. This addresses a key challenge we often hear from our customers around working more collaboratively with providers to resolve issues that are impacting application performance.

Teams responsible for managing and operating applications and their dependencies within AWS environments can take advantage of the additional heuristics and diagnostic data for AWS network paths to quickly identify AWS nodes and boundaries between AWS and other peer networks. 

AWS Network Path Enrichment includes the following data applied to nodes within the AWS network:

  • AWS region, e.g., us-east-1
  • AWS service, e.g., EC2, DynamoDB, CloudFront, Route53, Global Accelerator, and others
  • AWS network border group (Availability Zones or Local Zones from where AWS advertises IP addresses), e.g., us-west-2-lax-1 
  • Geolocation, e.g., Mumbai

Amazon’s Global Accelerator (AGA) API is also used for AGA diagnostics within ThousandEyes path visualization, including the latency to the nearest AGA points of presence (PoPs). We then compare the expected latency with actual latency, as measured via ThousandEyes tests from specific locations/users. IT teams can use this insight to determine the difference between AWS-reported and actual measured end-to-end performance at a given point in time, information that’s needed to isolate the source of issues and provide evidence to escalate as needed. 

Through a greater understanding of cloud performance, your teams will have the insights needed to perform faster root cause analysis (RCA) during problem response and remediation, improved validation during deployment and change management, and continuous assurance and optimization.

This capability is currently planned for release in calendar Q3 2023. 

Simplifying Workflows

Helping our customers solve their operational inefficiencies and simplify processes has been, and continues to be, a priority within our innovation streams and product roadmap. Our recent introductions of new platform capabilities, ThousandEyes for OpenTelemetry and our AppDynamics Bi-directional Integration, are two examples of how we enable seamless collaboration across tools, management systems, and operations teams. Adding to these capabilities is the ability to automatically apply ThousandEyes WAN Insights SD-WAN policy recommendations in Cisco SD-WAN vManage from within the Cisco SD-WAN vAnalytics console.

Closed-loop Automation of WAN Insights’ Recommendations

Earlier this year, Cisco announced the availability of ThousandEyes WAN Insights recommendations from within the Cisco SD-WAN vAnalytics console. Now, to simplify implementation of recommended policy configuration changes in vManage, a user-selected option to apply recommendations is available in vAnalytics. Once selected, policies will be automatically set up within vManage, without manual configuration needed by Network Operations teams. Organizations will now be able to take advantage of WAN Insights’ powerful forecasting and SD-WAN recommendation capabilities without increasing the operational load on teams that would otherwise be required to make complex policy configuration changes. 

This capability is currently planned for release in calendar Q2 2023.

Assuring Every Digital Experience

These latest innovations from ThousandEyes and across Cisco continue to lead the way in enabling our customers to assure all of their digital experiences across their borderless networks. As we move forward toward a digitally-enabled future, we are committed to leveraging our unmatched end-to-end visibility to enable organizations to reach their best digital experiences across complex environments, to accelerate insights, and to streamline operational workflows. I’m thrilled to share these exciting innovations with you, today. And I’m equally excited about what’s coming down the road.

Stop by our booth at Cisco Live (#3322) to learn more about ThousandEyes and speak with our team about these exciting new announcements. Or, attend one of our many live sessions to dive deeper into the use cases that matter most to you.

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