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How to Favorably Tackle Service Assurance Issues in the New Enterprise Reality

By Enrique Perez
| | 5 min read


SaaS brings enterprises agility and performance, but with a trade-off: visibility and control. Internet and cloud intelligence can help.

Delivering high-performing digital service is core to building customer relationships and enabling employee productivity. But digital business is fundamentally changing, with many owning less of the infrastructure they depend on for service delivery. Using the Internet and cloud brings enterprises agility and performance at lower cost, but with a trade-off: visibility and control. As a result, leading organizations have turned to Internet and cloud intelligence in this new reality to ensure they are extending superior digital experiences. 

What has changed?

The pandemic has accelerated the disintegration of the traditional corporate network. Stay-at-home orders launched fast transitions to remote work as IT teams shifted their priorities to meet the digital experience needs of colleagues and customers. IT teams implemented digital transformation projects in the blink of an eye as companies adopted SaaS and IaaS solutions to keep their operations running smoothly. And though the world is now on a path to recovery, and restrictions are waning, many workers opt for hybrid work arrangements in the foreseeable future.

Our collective pivot to Internet and cloud solutions means that the part of the overall network that companies own and control has gotten smaller. As a result, organizations no longer have complete visibility of the network infrastructure they depend on to deliver digital goods. And the infrastructure that is replacing it is distributed and considerably more complex. 

Moreover, there exist service assurance requirement differences for apps you own versus those you do not. And the delivery of your digital service may never traverse your corporate network. And obscurity of performance baselines weakens provider governance and service level agreement (SLA) enforcement. So, it isn't straightforward. 

What's a better solution? 

The path forward for companies seeking to eliminate the "black box" of what's causing performance or latency issues in their service assurance is end-to-end visibility across the Internet and into the cloud. At ThousandEyes, we offer just that.  

We empower companies with Internet and cloud intelligence that enables them to deliver superior digital experiences. Our solution is threefold. ThousandEyes Cloud Agents are pre-deployed, managed vantage points for visibility to and from user locations. Embedded within cloud provider networks, cloud agents enable you to monitor cloud network performance. ThousandEyes Enterprise Agents allow you to understand the performance of critical applications, such as SaaS, cloud, or internally hosted apps, from your branch locations. And Endpoint Agents give your organization insight into how individual employees are experiencing applications and how all the network infrastructure they traverse impacts that experience, regardless of where they choose to work.  

ThousandEyes end-to-end visibility comes complete with available assistance from our world-class support team. We also offer easy integration with Cisco Networking platforms, including the Catalyst 9000 and SD-WAN.  

ThousandEyes provides you with the evidence your digital business needs to address performance issues with your service providers and vendors. With it, we incorporate context on Internet conditions from our collective intelligence dataset that is growing all the time. Best of all, you can present a snapshot view of ThousandEyes data to anyone anywhere in the world using ThousandEyes ShareLinks™.  

Leverage ThousandEyes intelligence today to tackle service assurance issues successfully with the evidence you need. Reach out to our team to request a free trial

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