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Unlock advanced use cases with network and application performance insights from ThousandEyes.

Performance Data Where You Need It

Developers can harness the authoritative performance data from ThousandEyes with more options and flexibility than ever. With seamless options for OpenTelemetry (OTel), Webhooks, and an API, ThousandEyes’ developer-friendly capabilities make it possible to unlock a world of advanced use cases.


Leverage ThousandEyes' API to programmatically create, update, and delete network tests. Additionally, use the Terraform provider to seamlessly create and manage ThousandEyes’ tests and alerts as a part of your application deployment pipeline, automating the rollout of critical performance monitoring.

Diagram of Test and Active Alerts routing through API Polling to ITSM

Cisco DevNet

Explore the ThousandEyes API in the Learning Lab series and get access to developer documentation on Cisco DevNet

Postman Collection

Leverage a ready-to-use Postman collection with API definitions to create and manage ThousandEyes agents, tests, and configurations


Gain enhanced control and flexibility over your data with OpenTelemetry. Use ThousandEyes for OpenTelemetry to seamlessly stream network metrics in the standardized OpenTelemetry Protocol (OTLP) format to other OTel-compatible tools, enabling powerful visualizations and correlations across diverse data sets.

Diagram of the ThousandEyes platform receiving data from multiple sources, processing it, and exporting it to AppDynamics, splunk, and Grafana
Diagram showing a path from Test to Alert, Active Alerts, and then third parties

Alert Webhooks

Simplify the integration of ThousandEyes’ alerts into third-party IT Service Management (ITSM) or Information Technologies Operations (ITOps) tools. ThousandEyes Custom Webhooks allow you to effortlessly send alert notifications using a customizable JSON payload to any third-party tool that supports webhooks.


Teams responsible for operating application cloud infrastructures now have the ability to manage ThousandEyes tests, create alerts, and automate the rollout of critical performance monitoring as part of their deployment pipeline using Terraform.

Terraform sharing data with ThousandEyes

From Network Insights to Business Outcomes

Developers can unlock the ultimate user experience by integrating ThousandEyes into their workflow. ThousandEyes makes it possible to:

Better understand performance bottlenecks so you can optimize applications for improved user experience.

Ensure critical alerts are seamlessly routed to the appropriate teams for faster incident response and minimized downtime.

Optimize your application deployment pipeline, ensuring that performance monitoring is consistently and efficiently rolled out across applications.

Foster closer collaboration between developers, operations teams, and other stakeholders to identify and resolve performance issues more effectively.

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