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Stream ThousandEyes data to observability platforms in a compatible format, making identifying and troubleshooting issues easier.

Unlock Powerful Insights

With multiple solutions and platforms, aggregating and correlating data to get actionable insights can be challenging. That’s where ThousandEyes for OpenTelemetry (OTel) comes in. OpenTelemetry allows streaming ThousandEyes metrics to any OTel-compatible observability tool. This helps you to visualize and correlate data across the network, device, and application stack to generate powerful insights.

Diagram of the ThousandEyes platform receiving data from multiple sources, processing it, and exporting it to AppDynamics, splunk, and Grafana

Get the Comprehensive IT Visibility You Need

ThousandEyes for OpenTelemetry allows you to integrate and correlate your ThousandEyes data with other data sources in any OpenTelemetry observability tool.* This makes it easier to identify and troubleshoot issues, leading to improved performance and a better user experience. ThousandEyes for OpenTelemery helps you to:

  • Craft a customized observability solution, tailored to your specific needs and goals.
  • Reduce MTTI/MTTR, quickly linking standardized, real-time metrics throughout your network infrastructure to give you access to the data you need when you need it.
  • Graph powerful visualizations and infer correlations across diverse data sets with ITOps dashboards.
  • Enable deep historical analysis with performance data archives.
  • Correlate application metrics with cloud and Internet intelligence so you can identify new opportunities to optimize user experience.

* Works with any OpenTelemetry-compliant vendor, including Cisco AppDynamics, Grafana, Splunk, and many others.

See ThousandEyes for OpenTelemetry in Action

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Supported Test Metrics

Supported Test Metrics

ThousandEyes for OpenTelemetry supports the following test metrics:

  • Network: Latency, loss, and jitter
  • Web HTTP Server: Availability, response time, and throughput
  • Web Transactions: Page load time, transaction time, completion, and errors
  • FTP Server: Availability, response time, and throughput
  • Page Load: Page load time and completion
  • DNS DNSSEC Trace: Validity
  • DNS Domain Trace: Availability and final query time
  • DNS Server: Availability and resolution time
  • RTP Stream: MOS, loss, discards, and latency
  • SIP Server: Availability, response time, and total time

Solution Brief

ThousandEyes for OpenTelemetry

Send ThousandEyes network metrics in a standardized format to any OpenTelemetry (OTel) compliant platform, unlocking rich correlations with disparate data sets for enhanced visibility across your ecosystem. Find out more in this solution brief.

Start using OpenTelemetry with ThousandEyes today.

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