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Assuring Digital Experience in Retail

By Kate Speights
| | 5 min read


Room & Board and a global sports platform showcase the importance of digital experiences for attracting and retaining customers through technology integrations.

In today's highly competitive retail industry, offering quality digital experiences has become essential for driving sales, enhancing customer satisfaction, and improving overall brand image. Customers expect smooth interactions with retailers, whether they are shopping online or in-store. A poorly designed digital experience with a sluggish website or a slow app can have a negative impact on a brand's business. Conversely, a seamless digital experience can indicate a brand's innovation and customer-centric approach. 

Customer Stories of Digital Excellence in Retail 

Let's explore the stories of two retailers that have made significant strides in their operations by using ThousandEyes for digital experience assurance. 

Room & Board Enhances Its Digital Infrastructure 

Room & Board is an independent, privately held retailer of modern furniture and home decor. The company has taken significant steps to enhance its digital experiences by using ThousandEyes. Recognizing the shifting work landscape early, the IT department prioritized digital transformation in operations and customer service, including the adoption of Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) technology. 

The Internet became the backbone of the company's day-to-day operations. It enables the seamless transport of company digital resources and empowers hybrid employees to access critical applications and use cloud-based collaboration platforms like Microsoft Teams. 

Nonetheless, while Room & Board reaped numerous advantages from its reliance on the Internet, the company also encountered the typical challenges that come with such dependence, such as the risk of unforeseen outages that could interfere with business continuity. Moreover, as employees returned to brick-and-mortar locations, they anticipated their digital experiences to parallel those of their home environments for optimal productivity and customer service. 

Room & Board's IT team was given the task of demonstrating the tangible benefits of its digital upgrades. To achieve this, ThousandEyes played a crucial role in aiding Room & Board with key insights into its digital infrastructure. The company deployed Enterprise Agents at all its branch locations and started using Cloud Agents for testing external services, remote connectivity, and some cloud SaaS-based applications.

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ThousandEyes has led to significant improvements in Room & Board's business processes, particularly in enhancing team coordination and streamlining problem-solving to ultimately provide exceptional customer service. 

Licensed Sports Merchandiser Enables Seamless Online Sales 

Another retail customer, a licensed sports merchandiser, has seen significant benefits from implementing ThousandEyes. Initially established as a hub for sports enthusiasts, the company made its mark by offering top-tier sports apparel and gear. It has since evolved into a titan of sports memorabilia, dealing in both tangible and virtual collectibles that resonate deeply with fans. 

As e-commerce became more prevalent, the need for a robust online presence became critical for the company's success. However, this transition led to increased network demands and complexity in monitoring global stock levels through cloud-based applications, partly due to inadequate network visibility. The company faced particularly acute challenges during high-traffic events like Black Friday, which is unacceptable in the retail industry.

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The company turned to ThousandEyes for solutions to its digital infrastructure challenges. ThousandEyes became a vital component of their network operations, aiding in continuous monitoring and troubleshooting. 

Adopting a thorough strategy, the retailer implemented ThousandEyes across all sites and devices, crafted tailored dashboards for each website, and configured alerts for proactive network issue detection. This new strategy ensured smooth operations, especially during high-traffic shopping times, to the delight of fans worldwide. 

Bottom Line Prioritizes Digital Experience in Retail

These retail sector case studies reveal that an impeccable digital experience is vital for retaining customers and driving sales. Prioritizing the digital experience is key to forging lasting customer relationships and ensuring sustained business success.

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