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Introducing a New and Optimized Navigation Menu for Faster Insights

By Janani Ramakrishnan
| | 5 min read


ThousandEyes has been transformative to customers in helping them solve critical network and application delivery challenges. The wealth of data across the different layers of the ThousandEyes monitoring stack, enables enterprises across different industry verticals to take away actionable insights that in turn lower MTTR, and increase productivity. To enable our customers to navigate through our rich dataset with agility, we need to represent the data in an intuitive way keeping in mind our user workflows.

Optimizing Our Data Representation

On April 2nd, we unveiled a new navigation pane for the ThousandEyes application categorizing data by product areas, and functional groups to help our customers get to the bottom of their issues quickly.

New navigation menu
Figure 1: The new navigation menu (on the right) grouped by product compared to the old navigation menu (on the left).

In the New Navigation Pane, we have enumerated the information from the configuration settings, and the Views as sub menu-items under different product umbrellas or functionalities (Reports, Alerts, Sharing). Essentially, all relevant information can be found within the same section. Watch this short 2-min video to see the revised navigation menu in action.

So Why did we do this?

We wanted to make your user journey more seamless and efficient! ThousandEyes has multiple types of tests, and agents, that enable our customers to visualize data for different use-cases. As an example, the Cloud and Enterprise Agents allow our users to monitor application and network performance from more than 175 cities in the world or from within their enterprises giving them both internal and external perspectives. Within the Cloud and Enterprise Agent drop-down, you can configure a test, and hop into the test views within the menu item. The user can also create and edit Enterprise Agents, and find the relevant proxy, authentication, and label settings options all within the same page.

Enterprise Agents Settings options
Figure 2: Enterprise Agents Settings Options can now be found under the “Cloud & Enterprise Agents” dropdown.

Similarly, our Endpoint Agents allow users to monitor application and network performance from an end-user perspective. Under the Endpoint Agent Tab, a user can set up a profile of networks to be monitored, and quickly jump into the views to see the performance data gathered.

Endpoint Agent menu
Figure 3: Endpoint Agent Menu Dropdown.

Our customers leverage the different datasets in parallel to identify performance impediments in their environments. Furthermore, our customers represent a coalition of cross-functional teams that are responsible for different parts of the network and application. With the new menu, these teams can easily identify the data they require and find all the relevant information including settings, and results in one location.

We are not done here, and we strive to be the best at showing data in a compact and intuitive way. In the next couple of months, we will continue to introduce new and exciting visualizations to represent our data in valuable and actionable ways. In the meanwhile, please feel free to leave us your thoughts via the product wish text-box at the bottom of our new navigation pane.

Product wish
Figure 4: Product Wish.

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