Gain Visibility of Network Connectivity
for Any Employee on Any Network

Triage application experience and network connectivity with live data from end user laptops and desktops for any browser-based app.

An End User Perspective of App and Network Experience

Endpoint Agent gives you the most complete visibility into employee connectivity,
whether using internal or cloud apps, and the aggregate health of your local and wide area networks.

Troubleshoot Connectivity for Each User Session

Endpoint Agents combine page load performance data from employee browsers
with monitoring of wireless and wired networks, gateways, proxies, VPNs, your WAN and the Internet.

Endpont Agent User Sessions

Start Monitoring End User Experience Today

Install Endpoint Agent on end user desktops and laptops with a client for Windows and OS X.

Correlate Tickets with Real User Data

Quickly search and filter user session information for trend analysis, problem solving and individual troubleshooting.

Endpoint Agent Sessions Graph

See WAN Performance at a Glance

Visualize traffic paths across groups of users, locations and services to quickly localize issues across your global WAN.

Endpoint Agent Path Visualization

Tutorial: Getting Started with Endpoint Agents

Learn how to configure domains and networks, install the system service and browser extension, and use the web, network, session and topology views.

Solve Tricky Wireless Issues

Understand real-time network connectivity, coverage, congestion and faults across wired and wireless networks.

Endpoint Agent Wireless Toplogy

Monitor Experience Wherever Your Employees Roam

WAN and Internal Apps

Measure performance of your LAN,
WAN and internal apps
from Endpoint Agents that
complement Enterprise Agents.

SaaS and Cloud Apps

Monitor browser-based apps
and Internet connectivity
from Endpoint Agents
on any network.

Remote Workers

Solve connectivity issues for
remote workers when
VPN or remote access
services are degraded.

Collect and Secure End User Performance Data Globally

Endpoint Agents are easy to deploy and maintain through the ThousandEyes platform. We rigorously test
the agent code, communications and data to meet strict privacy and security requirements.

Endpoint Agent Domain Settings

See Endpoint Performance

Install on end user desktops and
laptops with a client for Windows
and OS X and an extension for
Internet Explorer and Chrome.

For Any Browser-Based App

Measure performance of any
browser-based app, whether
SaaS, externally or

With Strong Security Protections

Control what is automatically monitored
by using limiting by network and site
domain or have users opt-in
to ad hoc data collection.