Gain Visibility from Any Employee
to Any Application over Any Network

Proactive and real-time monitoring of application experience
and network connectivity from user laptops and desktops.

An End-user Perspective of App and Network Experience

Endpoint Agents give you visibility into internal and SaaS application experience for every employee, including the health and performance of the underlying local, ISP and application provider networks.

Ensure Workforce Productivity—No Matter Where Employees Are Located

Endpont Agent Browser Sessions

Browser-based RUM

Monitor real user web sessions for a defined set of applications. Measure page load times, see detailed web component waterfalls, and visualize end-to-end network connectivity to quickly pinpoint the source of performance issues.

Network Synthetics

Proactively monitor browser and non-browser applications and services via scheduled and on-demand synthetic network tests. Test connectivity to VPN gateways, API endpoints and other services, such as collaboration apps.

WiFi and LAN

Identify WiFi and local network connectivity issues, including access point (AP) signal strength, bandwidth and errors that can interfere with users connecting to critical business apps.

Correlated App and Network Performance

Endpoint Agents combine page load performance data from employee browsers with monitoring of wireless and wired networks, gateways, proxies, VPNs, your WAN and the Internet so you can isolate fault domain and know your next steps to resolve issues.
Experience Score metrics

Start Monitoring End User Experience

See how ThousandEyes empowers you to see user experience from any application to any user across any network.

Quickly Close IT Helpdesk Tickets

Rapidly drill down to real user sessions and network connectivity to identify and solve individual employee issues.
Network link errors

See Workforce Experience at a Glance

Visualize and score performance across applications, groups of users and locations to quickly understand how critical services are performing for your workers.
End User Experience Score details

Tutorial: Getting Started with Endpoint Agents

Learn how to configure monitored domains and networks, install the system package and browser extension, and use the web, network, session and topology views.

Solve Tricky Wireless Issues

Monitor WiFi performance, including signal quality, congestion and errors.
Wireless gateway errors

Collect and Secure End-User Performance Data Globally

Endpoint Agents are easy to deploy and maintain through the ThousandEyes platform. We rigorously test the agent code, communications and data to meet strict privacy and security requirements.
Wireless gateway errors

See Endpoint Performance

Install on end user desktops and laptops with a client for Windows and macOS and an extension for Internet Explorer and Chrome.

For Any Web App

Measure performance of any web app, whether internal or SaaS-based.

With Strong Security Protections

Control what is automatically monitored by limiting to network and site domain or have users opt-in to ad hoc data collection.

Endpoint Agents

Endpoint Agents offer end user experience monitoring and deploy on Mac and Windows devices. Periodic user monitoring is performed via HTTP and network monitoring tests that include insight into routing paths. Real-time monitoring can be enabled via an optional browser-based plugin.

Cloud Agents

Cloud Agents provide globally distributed vantage points throughout the Internet and are maintained by ThousandEyes. They are located in 200 cities and are connected to Tier 1, 2 and 3 ISPs, broadband service providers and regional data centers of major cloud providers.
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Enterprise Agents

Enterprise Agents provide visibility from within your data centers, cloud VPCs/VNETs and branches. In addition to active monitoring, Enterprise Agents also offer SNMP-based monitoring, as well as discovery and topological mapping of internal network devices.
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