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Partners Drive Agility and Growth for Customers With ThousandEyes

By Chris Wortt
| | 5 min read


Cisco ThousandEyes and partners enhance customer agility, growth, and sustainability by ensuring operational efficiencies and a superior digital experience.

Working alongside our partners, Cisco ThousandEyes assists customers in attaining operational efficiencies that foster agility, growth, and sustainability within their businesses. We collaborate to help partners and customers embrace our platform and solutions in ways that, ultimately, equip users with what they need to succeed through superior digital experience assurance, no matter their location or the spread of their digital assets.

When Simplicity and Innovation Matter

ThousandEyes and our partners work with numerous organizations to monitor their IT estate and end customer services, which are challenged with ever-increasing operational complexity, budget constraints, and the need to retain talent. We know that IT teams overseeing these operations are increasingly under pressure to foster innovation and growth while demonstrating that they are enablers rather than cost centers. Practitioners at these companies often get requests to simplify and streamline processes and solutions–presenting an opportunity for partners to provide value.

A Partnership That Delivers Value

Our partners often adopt a consultative approach when discussing technology strategies and visions with stakeholders, with the aim of empowering customers with the skills, expertise, and techniques they need to maintain a competitive edge.

In technological terms, it is the unparalleled end-to-end visibility into third-party networks and cloud environments that sets ThousandEyes apart with partners. The insights provided by ThousandEyes instill our partners with complete confidence when implementing solutions for customers. By using ThousandEyes, they can diminish the time required to detect and, more critically, rectify issues as they emerge, whether at the cloud edge or within an interconnected network. This capability reinforces our commitment to assisting partners and customers alike in fulfilling their Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

When Some Visibility Isn’t Enough

Prior to ThousandEyes, partners had to rely on a variety of solutions to provide customers with some level of visibility into their IT estates. Now, with ThousandEyes, partners are equipped to offer solutions that deliver the comprehensive visibility customers need, especially as corporate WANs increasingly depend on third-party networks and services.

ThousandEyes has consistently demonstrated its value to partners and our shared customers across many verticals. For example, in the financial services industry, we’ve seen how a partner can, midway through a demonstration to a customer, show the problem source of a Microsoft Exchange outage. The partner quickly used the opportunity to show the company's Director of Infrastructure how ThousandEyes Internet Insights could swiftly pinpoint the outage's cause. 

Another example where ThousandEyes proved vital involved a logistics company that faced a widely publicized service disruption lasting several hours, which damaged its reputation. At that time, the company's four-tower system did not have a unified source of truth. The partner showed them the benefits of ThousandEyes, explaining how it could have expedited the resolution of the issue.

By implementing ThousandEyes, partners gain a unified platform to address operational needs. This makes ThousandEyes an obvious choice, not only for existing Cisco customers but also for any organization operating in a multi-vendor and multi-cloud environment that requires network-agnostic, actionable intelligence to enhance customer experiences.

Delivering Best-in-Class Network Operations

With ThousandEyes and Cisco, our partners can deliver best-in-class network operations solutions to drive employee and customer experience. The complementary nature of our solutions are what helps us deliver tangible outcomes for our customers.

Don't miss this opportunity to differentiate your services and exceed customer expectations. 

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