Performance metric data is great, but can it show trends and macro issues? Ours can! ThousandEyes dashboards provide a customized interface to help you organize and visualize your data and performance trends. Our collective intelligence-powered Internet Insights can help you quickly identify major, widespread network and application outages across the global Internet that affect your applications and users.

Getting Started With Dashboards

Getting Started with Dashboards provides the steps you need to create a dashboard using widgets to show your teams key performance indicators (KPIs) that offer broad visibility. You can use ThousandEyes dashboards as a powerful solution to visualize performance trends as well as application and network health. 

Use this interactive Sharelink to see a Webex performance metrics dashboard, as shown in Figure 6 below.

Figure 6. Customized dashboards show you the data you need and care about

Getting Started With Internet Insights

Getting Started with Internet Insights reviews the fundamentals of ThousandEyes Internet Insights, our global outage detection platform. ThousandEyes Internet Insights and Application Outages algorithmically leverage our massive data set to help teams rapidly isolate and remediate issues. Learn from this getting-started resource how ThousandEyes can enable your operations teams with visibility into larger-scale outages suffered by network and application providers.

Figure 7. Internet Insights rapidly identifies network and application outages

Start Using ThousandEyes. We’ll Show You How.

The guides below will assist you in setting up your account, learning how to run tests, establishing dashboards, and building advanced integrations and automated workflows. You can either follow these steps sequentially or jump directly into a specific topic, depending on your needs. If you have any questions, our support team is available 24/7 to help.

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