Now that we have visibility and monitoring in place, how do we get alerted during a problem? ThousandEyes offers a range of notification options and customizable thresholds to alert you when performance conditions deviate from your healthy baselines. Whether you use email, collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams or Webex by Cisco, or ITOps tools such as PagerDuty or ServiceNow, ThousandEyes makes it easy to send alerts using existing systems for simple alignment with your ITOps processes.

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Getting Started - Alerts
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Getting Started With Alerts

This Getting Started with Alerts guide covers everything you need to integrate alert notifications into your workflow using email or webhooks for third-party systems. Figure 5 shows an example of alerting threshold configurations.

Figure 5. Fully customized alerting to accommodate any SLAs and SLOs

Figure 5. Fully customized alerting to accommodate any SLAs and SLOs

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Getting Started with Alerts

Alerts Overview

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