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ThousandEyes provides the solutions your teams need to automate tasks and integrate ThousandEyes with their third-party systems. DevOps teams can take advantage of our Terraform provider for ThousandEyes to scale and streamline application monitoring and use our ThousandEyes API Postman collection to pull data using our API. Click here for additional information on the ThousandEyes DevOps integrations.

Getting Started With the ThousandEyes API

In Getting Started with the ThousandEyes API, we review how to access and programmatically use the ThousandEyes RESTful API. You can use many different API endpoints to automate administration tasks, extract test data, and integrate them into your workflow. This guide includes examples using CLI tools, Python, and node.js to help you on your journey.

See here for an example API code snippet done with Python that requests, parses, and outputs the network latency for all ThousandEyes agents in a single test over the last hour.

Developer Resources

With seamless options for OpenTelemetry (OTel), Webhooks, and an API, ThousandEyes’ developer-friendly capabilities help make it possible to harness the authoritative performance data from ThousandEyes with more options and flexibility.


Start Using ThousandEyes. We’ll Show You How.

The guides below will assist you in setting up your account, learning how to run tests, establishing dashboards, and building advanced integrations and automated workflows. You can either follow these steps sequentially or jump directly into a specific topic, depending on your needs. If you have any questions, our support team is available 24/7 to help.

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