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What is Endpoint Agent?

Endpoint Agent runs on your Windows or Mac laptop or desktop to help your IT team improve your web application and Internet experience. Endpoint Agent will periodically report performance data back to your IT team.

What data does Endpoint Agent collect?

Endpoint Agent collects data about web browsing performance and network connectivity. Data is only collected for web domains (e.g., and networks (e.g., your office wireless) that your IT team has explicitly defined. This means that they will not be aware of other sites you are visiting — only what the performance is for business-critical sites they've explicitly chosen to monitor.

When you browse to a website that's being monitored, Endpoint Agent will record the following information:

  • Device metadata, including device name and OS version
  • Web page metadata, including the page title and page object names
  • Local network connectivity, including wired or wireless network name and performance
  • Network path to the web server, including gateways, VPNs and proxies

Endpoint Agent never collects web page text, images, passwords, cookies, or any other content in or associated with the page. Endpoint Agent does not collect any data for domains or networks outside of the list defined by your IT team.

What if I'm having issues with a website my IT team isn't monitoring?

You can choose to monitor any website you are attempting to visit by using the 'ThousandEyes Endpoint Agent' button, which is part of the browser plugin component of the Endpoint Agent and should be present in your Chrome or Internet Explorer browser bar.

When you're on the website where you're encountering performance issues, simply click the button to begin recording performance metrics and reload the webpage using the refresh button.

Performance data will then be collected until you click the button again, after which you should see a brief report of what was collected, and the information will become available to your IT team, typically within a minute.

How is Endpoint Agent data used?
Data from the Endpoint Agent is used by your IT team to help troubleshoot application performance and network connectivity issues. Whether you are working from home, traveling, or in the office, your IT team can provide you with much better levels of support and save you time when your web performance is degraded.
Can I opt out or control what data is being collected?
There is currently no way for end users to disable or modify what websites are automatically monitored. Please contact your IT team for additional questions, as they control this via the ThousandEyes admin interface.
How is Endpoint Agent data secured?
Data is always protected using transport layer security when transmitted over untrusted networks. There are a number of security controls applicable to data protection at rest, including physical protection, logical data access controls and segregation, access validation and audit. Endpoint Agent data is stored securely in ThousandEyes data centers.
I don't think Endpoint Agent is working properly — who can help?
ThousandEyes Endpoint Agent is software managed by your IT team. If you're having any issues that could be related to Endpoint Agent, please contact your organization's IT Helpdesk as you typically would with any other computer or software-related problem.

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