Put Critical Services in a Network Context

ThousandEyes brings visibility into how your WAN and LAN
deliver internal and SaaS services, so you can optimize how
network architecture and infrastructure impact your business.

Monitor Your Network on a Local and Global Scale

Solve diverse issues such as Wi-Fi quality, routing and QoS remarking from vantage points across your network:
Enterprise Agents in fixed locations and Endpoint Agents on end user machines throughout your LAN.

Gain Visibility Across Your WAN

Map your entire enterprise topology and gain transparency into the health of your providers' networks.
Optimize your WAN and performance of VPN or MPLS circuits in your ISPs.
Enterprise Network Monitoring

Comprehensive Network Coverage

Gather data from any network, including directly from your employees' perspective with Endpoint Agents.

Troubleshoot Beyond Your Edge

Get visibility into forward and reverse paths between your edge and Cloud Agents around the world, then share the data with your service providers.

Deploy in Hybrid Environments

See into your network with software-based Enterprise Agents deployed as virtual appliances, containers or even on Cisco routers.

Localize Issues in Your Local Area Network

Visualize wired and wireless performance metrics across your corporate campus
to quickly identify faults with network links, access points, gateways and proxies.
Endpoint Agent Wireless Toplogy

Find Dead Zones in Your WLAN

Measure Wi-Fi signal strength, loss and speed to narrow down connectivity issues by access points, BSSIDs or SSIDs.

Accurately Pinpoint Access Issues

Measure loss and latency across proxies and gateways to identify problems with network coverage, congestion or device faults.

Spot Local and Global Patterns

Visually correlate LAN connections and application performance to quickly resolve issues affecting a user, an office or an entire service.

See the Live User Experience of Your Distributed Workforce

Get end-to-end visibility into connectivity of employees in the office or working remotely.
Troubleshoot help desk tickets within minutes and understand trends to optimize end user experience.
Endpont Agent User Session

Visibility Directly from the User

Gain insight into individual user sessions to triage application performance and troubleshoot network connectivity.

Easily Deploy Across Your Endpoints

Endpoint Agents collect live data from end user laptops and desktops, whether using internal or SaaS browser-based applications.

Solve User Issues Anywhere

Troubleshoot Wi-Fi networks, bandwidth capacity, ISP routing, MPLS misconfigurations and
VPN gateways.