VoIP Monitoring Without the Jitters

Proactive VoIP monitoring that extends beyond the borders of your WAN.

VoIP Monitoring

VoIP is integral to enterprise communications, but remains a complex application to manage and troubleshoot. Packet loss, jitter and latency influence voice quality and the sometimes transient nature of these issues makes VoIP troubleshooting tricky. Traditional VoIP monitoring techniques that rely on CDRs and packet capture are often reactive, highlighting issues when it's too late and providing little to no visibility outside of the corporate network. As enterprises migrate towards cloud-based voice solutions or UCaaS, VoIP monitoring begins to get even more complex. Enterprises struggle with lack of data on service availability and managing call quality.

ThousandEyes brings a proactive approach to VoIP monitoring so you can catch those pesky issues pre and post deployment. ThousandEyes Agents simulate the lifecycle of a VoIP call from SIP handshake, authentication to measuring the Mean Opinion Score (MoS) of RTP streams. With the flexibility to choose from 10 popular codecs, you can closely replicate your on-prem, hybrid or UCaaS solution.

VoIP packets are extremely susceptible to underlying network conditions, which is why ThousandEyes correlates VoIP performance with network metrics such as latency, loss and jitter. When combined with our patented Path Visualization, gain transparency into hop-by-hop network topology overlaid with Path MTU, DSCP remarkings, forwarding loss and path delays.

SIP Tests allow you to identify SIP proxies and validate user credentials, while simultaneously monitoring SIP server availability and responsiveness. Voice tests sequentially test for SIP connectivity before triggering an RTP call, closely replicating call setup in the real world.

For inter-office monitoring across the WAN, simulate VoIP calls between Enterprise Agents in branch office. To understand the performance from remote offices pick from our Cloud Agent locations.

Why ThousandEyes?

Gain Complete Performance Visibility

Capture quality metrics—such as loss, jitter, latency, discards and mean opinion score (MOS). View detailed path tracing, QOS remarkings and see where, when and why performance changes.

Quickly Troubleshoot Issues

Hold your ISP and VoIP providers accountable for service outages with clear, shareable evidence. Verify MPLS routes and ensure QoS levels using DSCP .

Monitor both On Premises and Cloud-based Solutions

Manage diverse voice infrastructures from on-premises to externally hosted to UCaaS. ThousandEyes VoIP monitoring validated with Cisco Call Manager, Mitel, RingCentral, Twilio and Asterisk.