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Collaboration Insight at Scale With ThousandEyes for Cisco RoomOS

By Jillian Murphy
| | 6 min read


By integrating the ThousandEyes Endpoint Agent, RoomOS devices offer a level of visibility into Internet traffic and connectivity previously unseen.

As hybrid work continues to evolve and shape network and IT operations, prioritizing exceptional user experiences for essential collaboration tools has taken center stage. Today, we're excited to announce the general availability of the integration between ThousandEyes Endpoint Agent and Cisco RoomOS devices. Through this integration, IT teams can gain deeper insights into how Internet quality and connectivity impact Webex sessions, enhancing their ability to swiftly identify problems and streamline workflows. 

Cisco RoomOS devices are more than just hardware; they play a vital role in organizational productivity. With the built-in ThousandEyes Endpoint Agents, IT teams are better equipped to monitor network connections and Internet pathways, from bustling conference rooms to remote employees' homes on networks not directly managed by the company. This comprehensive visibility enables teams to rapidly respond to connection challenges, delivering a consistent collaboration experience, regardless of location.

By integrating the ThousandEyes Endpoint Agent, RoomOS devices offer a level of visibility into Internet traffic and connectivity previously unseen. These metrics flow into the Webex Control Hub, presenting a unified perspective for IT teams on all registered RoomOS devices. Essential network performance indicators, including loss, latency, and jitter, are visualized within the Control Hub dashboard. Armed with this intelligence, IT teams can effectively pinpoint network issues, maintaining smooth operations for all involved.

Detail-rich Troubleshooting With Network Metrics 

In the Troubleshooting view inside Webex Control Hub, ThousandEyes performance data is now seamlessly integrated alongside each session's voice and video metrics. This provides an intuitive experience, allowing IT teams to work within a familiar workflow. They can quickly identify if a device issue stems from the network and pinpoint its origin. The Segment \View, prominently positioned in the troubleshooting interface, acts as an early detection system for potential network problems, directly correlating disturbances with voice or video disruptions.

Figure 1: A detailed visualization of ThousandEyes network metrics as displayed in the Webex Control Hub.

For a more in-depth view of reported issues, such as audio or video concerns from attendees in a specific location, IT teams can access the Path Visualization via the Network Path. This offers a hop-by-hop map of the user's route to Webex services, highlighting crucial data such as IP addresses, locations, and latency, enabling you to identify problem areas precisely.

While the Control Hub dashboard caters to most troubleshooting needs, some issues might be more elusive. In these situations, deeper insight is needed. Pivoting into the ThousandEyes dashboard provides a closer look at specifics, such as recurring network trends or anomalies. For example, a discovery might indicate that a downstream ISP is creating a bottleneck, or a transit provider is under strain. Endpoint Agents offer granular metrics that are instrumental to navigating these disruptions, such as per-core CPU activity and memory allocation trends. Using this data, IT teams can devise strategies to rectify concerns, work in tandem with service providers, or reroute traffic, all in the pursuit of the best possible user experience.

Optimized Performance Assurance With Automated Session Testing

A standout feature of this integration is the Automated Session Tests (AST) by ThousandEyes. This capability enhances the monitoring of dynamic collaboration applications. As users initiate Webex conference calls on RoomOS devices, ThousandEyes Endpoint Agents automatically activate the ASTs, providing real-time monitoring of the network paths these tools traverse.

The true strength of AST shines when application connections over the Internet need to adjust to fluctuating network conditions across different locations. Unlike traditional methods that often lag in adaptability, AST excels in navigating this dynamic application landscape. With the ThousandEyes integration activated within the Webex Control Hub, registered RoomOS devices are primed for these session tests. This provides IT teams with continuous and detailed endpoint performance data, enabling a proactive approach to troubleshooting.

ThousandEyes and Webex: Better Together

The integration between ThousandEyes and Webex transcends merely boosting network performance—it's about enhancing the entire hybrid work experience. By leveraging the capabilities of Endpoint Agents and Cisco's trusted RoomOS devices, our goal is to bolster reliability and smooth out connectivity. Our vision is simple: to make every interaction feel effortless, ensuring excellence regardless of location.

Interested in diving deeper? Register for our September webinar to explore the full capabilities of Endpoint Agents on Cisco RoomOS.

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