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Embed ThousandEyes for End User Insights at Scale

Webex-enabled hardware devices running RoomOS offer optimized collaboration experiences for end users. Issues such as video delays and connectivity disruptions can hinder productivity and impede communication throughout an entire conference call. ThousandEyes Endpoint on Cisco RoomOS devices, which are activated via Webex Control Hub, offers a comprehensive view of each device’s network path. This empowers IT teams to proactively detect and resolve issues that impact collaboration, ensuring smoother interactions.

Understand the Full Network Path for Faster Troubleshooting

  • Gain insights into network path quality and metrics (loss, latency, and jitter) for RoomOS devices, including a detailed hop-by-hop path view
  • Automatically initiate performance tests for each new Webex or Microsoft Teams Room (MTR), allowing consistent monitoring without prior setup
  • Use hardware utilization insights (CPU/memory), LAN, and Wi-Fi from the Webex Control Hub to precisely identify affected users or devices

Simplified RoomOS Configuration and Device Management

  • Seamlessly activate embedded Endpoint Agents via Control Hub, eliminating the need for physical access to the device
  • Quickly identify and resolve bottlenecks by monitoring Webex Video Mesh performance, ensuring smoother and more reliable video conferencing paths

See How the Integration Works

Cisco RoomOS Device
Partner Perspective
"Over the past few years, Cisco has done an excellent job integrating its network capabilities into the Webex platforms. The ThousandEyes agents embedded in the Cisco Devices combined with the network information ingested into Control Hub make it much easier for us to troubleshoot and manage our customers’ networks."

Improve Employee Experiences on Cisco RoomOS devices, Webex, and Microsoft Teams with ThousandEyes

Optimize network performance and enable seamless meeting experiences with ThousandEyes for Cisco RoomOS devices. This webinar shows you how.

See into the cloud and across the Internet with ThousandEyes.

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