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Integrations with Meraki MX and Webex RoomOS, AWS Network Path Enrichment and more

Native Device Integration Providing Collaboration Insights at Scale

Webex-enabled hardware devices running RoomOS offer optimized collaboration experiences for end users. Issues such as video delays or connectivity disruptions in these environments can hinder productivity and impede communication throughout an entire conference call. ThousandEyes Endpoint on Cisco RoomOS devices, which are activated via Webex Control Hub, offers a comprehensive view of each device’s network path, empowering IT teams to proactively detect and resolve issues impacting collaboration.

Drive Efficient Problem-Solving With In-Depth Network and Device Visibility

  • Monitor overall network path quality and individual metrics like loss, latency, and jitter directly from RoomOS devices, keeping a pulse on the performance of collaboration experiences for your users
  • Utilize Automated Session Tests to consistently monitor the performance of your collaboration services for uninterrupted monitoring and reduced management overhead

Use ThousandEyes Metrics in Webex Control Hub for Centralized Performance Reporting and Troubleshooting

  • Access an in-depth, hop-by-hop view of the network path between a user and the Webex services 
  • Leverage insights related to hardware utilization (CPU/Memory), LAN, and Wi-Fi within the Webex Control Hub to pinpoint the exact user or device that is experiencing issues

See How the Integration Works

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Improve Employee Experiences on Cisco RoomOS devices, Webex, and Microsoft Teams with ThousandEyes

Optimize network performance and enable seamless meeting experiences with ThousandEyes for Cisco RoomOS devices. This webinar shows you how.

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