Internet Outages Map

When Internet outages happen, be the first to know.

How Does the Internet Outages Map Work?

Network Telemetry Data

The Internet Outages Map leverages aggregated network telemetry data—rather than public rumor—to provide an authoritative view of outage events taking place across the global Internet.

Algorithmic Detection

ThousandEyes vantage points around the world perform billions of measurements each day to detect when traffic flows are disrupted within ISPs, cloud networks and other service providers.

Geographically Visualized

These outages are then visualized on the global map above. Detailed data on each outage, down to the interface-level, is available through our service, Internet Insights™.

The Power of Internet-scale Visibility and Control

Gain a global view of network outages across Internet Service Providers, cloud, SaaS and infrastructure service providers.
"Being able to look beyond our own view of the Internet—to instantly verify if an issue is unique to us, or if it is a larger issue impacting others—is incredibly useful information to have when an application performance issue is impacting our customers or our employees."
Oleg Onatzevitch Vice President, Enterprise Network Services
Large Multinational Investment Bank

Manage Digital Experience at Internet Scale

Manage digital experience at Internet scale with Internet Insights™, a platform that enables operations teams to leverage aggregated Internet telemetry data to rapidly identify, escalate and remediate issues.