A View Into Any Network

The network shouldn't be a black box. ThousandEyes not only visualizes end-to-end performance, but every segment and node on any network.

Connect the Dots Across Any Path

Complete Network Visibility

See beyond your own corporate perimeter, all the way to the service provider or customer.

Hop-by-Hop Performance

Identify problem spots that occur along the network path in either direction, with performance data on each hop.

Pinpoint Complex Problems

Locate loss per interface, latency per link and path changes over time anywhere between client and server.
Visual Traceroute

See Your Network in a New Light

Find out where and why, not just if, performance is lagging.
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Any Application Across Any Network

ThousandEyes visualizes enterprise, WAN and Internet segments to give you a comprehensive
view of network performance wherever your apps are hosted or accessed.

WAN and Internal Apps

Monitor TCP, VoIP, FTP and HTTP-based traffic across your corporate network with Enterprise Agents. See performance of browser-based apps, wireless and wired networks from Endpoint Agents.

SaaS and Cloud Apps

Monitor any remotely-hosted app from Enterprise Agents in your branches and data centers. Or get an employee perspective from in the office with Endpoint Agents.

Customers and Remote Workers

Track performance to your applications from Cloud Agents that simulate customer traffic in over 120 cities — from Adelaide to Zurich. And Endpoint Agents give you a view of remote worker performance.

Gauge User Experience Directly from the User

Endpoint Agents provide an entirely new view of your network, from the perspective of your employees.
Troubleshoot and optimize the network connectivity of office and remote workers from their laptops and desktops.
Endpoint Agent User Sessions

Monitor Employee Experience Live

Endpoint Agent measures detailed
browser and network diagnostics
each time a user accesses
an explicitly monitored domain.

See Into Every Mile of Your Network

Endpoint Agent captures wireless and
wired network health; gateway, VPN
and proxy performance; and a path trace
across the WAN and Internet.

Solve the Previously Unsolvable

With such a rich data set, you'll be
able to discover trends and anticipate
problems that impact internal apps,
SaaS applications and your global WAN.