Put Your Network Data to Work

Remove the finger pointing and manual data exchange while troubleshooting. Share the same picture and move quickly towards resolution with your team, vendors or customers.

Be Intelligent About Your Network

Make better use of your network data in just a few minutes.

Raise the Alarm, Just Not a False One

Network Alerts
Know about performance issues as they are occurring, rather than from frustrated customers or employees after that fact.

Customizable alerts help you stay up-to-date on your application and network performance, while eliminating false positives.

Pre-built integrations and a robust API make it easy to link alert notifications with other IT systems.

Have Your Data Tell the Story

Dozens of Metrics

With reporting on more than 35 metrics
that you can visualize in multiple ways,
ThousandEyes helps you to tell the story
of importance performance events.

Build Your Own

Customize and filter reports on the fly
to discover new trends and
dive into your data.

Fit It Into Your Routine

Save a report snapshot to keep a record
of performance. Then schedule and share
your report with your team, your boss or
your vendors.