Clear Answers to the Toughest Problems

See each network layer, analyze performance and
diagnose a root cause, whether inside or outside your network.

Capture Insights Across Layers

Stay in Context

Navigate through layers of application
delivery in context, so you can quickly
and seamlessly analyze performance
trends and root causes.

Peel Back the Layers

  • HTTP — Page load, transactions
  • FTP — Response time, throughput
  • DNS — Resolution time, mappings
  • TCP/IP — Loss, latency, bandwidth
  • BGP — Routing and reachability
  • VoIP — SIP transactions, MOS, discards
  • Device — Throughput, errors, discards

Quickly Correlate Changes

Measure and overlay information about critical network services—BGP routing, DNS, CDN, DDoS mitigation—so you can focus your attention.

Get the Picture Instantly

Correlate the performance of your networks and apps at a glance.

Draw Connections Between Networks

Visualize Internet Routes

Understand how ISP peering and transit
relationships affect connectivity to your
offices, data centers and applications.

See Why Traffic Paths Change

BGP Route Visualization provides
a history of reachability and AS
Path changes, so you can see why
traffic takes different paths over time.

Optimize Peering and Transit

Find optimal routes to your network,
troubleshoot peering problems
and watch your route changes
propagate across the Internet.
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What If Past Performance Is an Indicator of Future Results?

A key to understanding network performance is knowing how it changes
over time.

Navigate seamlessly across a month of detailed performance data using the Interactive Timeline.

Baseline performance across locations and metrics. See where path changes increase latency or introduce packet loss.

Get Answers at a Glance

VoIP Performance

Quickly Select and Search

Sifting through an entire network topology to find a fault isn't the best approach. Clearly search and highlight network segments by provider, location or device.

Uncover Potential Errors

Locate specific links and interfaces
with QoS issues, easily identify MPLS
tunnels in your WAN and detect Path
MTU and TCP MSS problems.

Save the Evidence

Go from problem to diagnosis to solution in a matter of minutes. And have the hard facts to get to the root of the issue.

Get a Fresh View of Your Own WAN and LAN

What if you could visualize your network from the user's perspective?
Monitor and map out performance of wired and wireless networks with Endpoint Agent.
ThousandEyes Wireless Topology with Endpoint Agent

A Wide Angle on Your WAN

Get a clear view of how employee
laptops and desktops connect to SSIDs,
BSSIDs, Access Points and Gateways
across your global WAN.

Solve Remote User Issues, Finally

Network connection data from
Endpoint Agents helps you visualize and
solve problems related to remote workers
from home or on the road.

Clearly Segment User Performance

Filter your data in real time
across dozens of dimensions: from
subnet and location to visited site,
proxy, connection type or OS.