Network Intelligence

Your business relies on the Internet — the same Internet
used by 3.7 billion people and 20 billion devices.

There's a Lot Riding On the Internet

Your enterprise is more dependent on the Internet than ever before — and you need visibility
into the Internet, cloud and endpoint devices like they are one network. Your network.

Quickly pinpoint the root cause of site problems anywhere. Share your findings instantly and respond to issues
before they impact customers, services and revenue. That's smart network analysis. That's Network Intelligence.
Network Data
Visual Analysis
Network Insights
Shared Knowledge
Capture unique intelligence across every hop of the network from smart agents located across the Internet and inside your enterprise. Collect detailed forensic data of network topologies, dependencies and behavior for better networking intelligence.
Rapidly analyze performance with purpose-built visualizations across multiple layers of network data. Use network intelligence analysis for optimization to quickly diagnose diverse infrastructure, services and apps.
Benefit from internet performance and outage information detected by a broad community. Detect BGP and DNS security exploits. Instantly determine root causes with the assistance of algorithms and heuristics.
Share intelligence with internal teams, vendors or clients to foster collaborative, and quicker, problem resolution. Integrate data and insights directly into existing workflows and systems.

More than Just Network Monitoring

Smarter Data, Smarter Decisions

Being able to quickly find and fix issues is the foundation of any network operations team. Network Intelligence gives you that ability in the cloud, where you need compelling evidence to drive effective provider escalations.

Actively monitor and precisely alert based on fine-grained data, so you'll be in the know before it's news to your users. Plan intelligent network architecture changes and strategize infrastructure investments to support new business objective. And make use of collective intelligence from organizations around the Internet to drive decisions that keep your operations smooth.