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How to Troubleshoot and Assure Microsoft 365 and Teams

User Experience Is Critical to Business Performance

The modern enterprise is changing. What used to be entirely within your control is now outside your corporate perimeter. On-premises applications are now SaaS-based or in the cloud and your workers are more distributed than ever before, making it difficult to ensure digital experience using legacy application performance management (APM) solutions. Ensuring employee productivity across this vast ecosystem requires a totally new application monitoring paradigm—end-to-end visibility from user endpoints to any web application.

End User Monitoring with Endpoint Agents

ThousandEyes End User Monitoring delivers both on-demand and real-time visibility into each employee’s experience of SaaS and Internally-hosted applications, as well as underlying wireless LAN, WAN, Internet connectivity and system health. This empowers your network and IT teams to quickly troubleshoot performance issues related to Wi-Fi, bandwidth capacity, ISP routing, VPN gateways, SaaS availability and other sources, while measuring web page load times and other key performance indicators. 

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Browser-based Real User Monitoring

Monitor live web application performance from the user perspective using a browser plugin that enables real user monitoring. Automatically capture user interactions for a set of predefined applications, such as Salesforce or Office 365 Suite, or record sessions on-demand for ad hoc troubleshooting. Detailed waterfalls and web page load metrics are displayed alongside end-to-end network connectivity, including WiFi access points, so you can understand the entire user journey to business-critical applications—no matter where the user is located.


On-demand and Scheduled Network Synthetics

Stay on top of issues that could impact employee productivity by proactively running synthetic monitoring tests to the services you care about to deliver the right business outcome. Visualize end-to-end Layer 3 network hops between users and SaaS and internal apps. Get alerting for network connectivity and service availability issues so you can resolve or escalate issues faster—before user satisfaction and productivity is impacted.

Wireless Network Visibility

WiFi issues can be challenging to detect and isolate, as connectivity to wireless access points can change as users move around an office or around the globe. Understanding what users are connecting to, alongside signal quality, link speed, congestion and other performance factors reduces troubleshooting time and helps you ensure good digital experiences for your entire workforce—both in and out of the office.


Visualize and Score SaaS Experience

See real-time and historical SaaS and web service session performance, including objective metrics and experience scores. Use individual and aggregate end user experience data to compare current performance metrics to established baselines.

Solve Performance Issues for Remote Workers

Monitor the use, connectivity and performance of VPN clients and end-to-end network connections so your on-the-go and remote employees can use business-critical internal and SaaS apps.

Ensure Smooth SaaS Migration

The move to SaaS for critical business applications exposes enterprises to greater Internet and external dependency risk. Avoid productivity disruption by proactively monitoring the viability and success of SaaS application rollouts.

Support a Digitally Transformed Workforce

The modern workforce is increasingly remote and mobile, yet still demands a high level of performance for core apps and services. To support evolving worker needs and ensure productivity, enterprises need to deliver stellar user experiences.

Gain An End User Perspective of App and Network Experience, Today.

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