End User Experience Monitoring

Get a comprehensive understanding of end user experience and network connectivity
from employee endpoints to SaaS and internal services.

End User Experience Monitoring

It's not just applications that are moving to the cloud. Users are too. More employees are working remotely, and they need access to business systems that are often cloud-based.

ThousandEyes enables you to see and address network performance issues for your remote workforce. We provide end-to-end application monitoring visibility into the connectivity of employees to the apps and services that are critical for their productivity.

Our Endpoint Agents collect live end user experience monitoring data from end user laptops and desktops, providing insight into individual user sessions to triage application performance and troubleshoot network connectivity, including "last-foot" networks, bandwidth capacity, ISP routing, MPLS misconfigurations and VPN gateways. User-specific visibility enables you to clear help desk tickets within minutes with precise end user performance monitoring.

ThousandEyes can provide user experience monitoring to help you:
  • Understand end user experience with monitoring data collected from live application sessions as well as via scheduled, active monitoring tests.
  • Pinpoint issues through end user monitoring affecting multiple users within branch offices, including routing misconfigurations, packet loss and latency problems, and wireless issues.
  • Understand the performance of SaaS and internally hosted applications from remote workers and road warriors app.

Why ThousandEyes?

Easily Troubleshoot VPNs

Endpoint Agents map out VPN connections so you can monitor their use, connectivity and performance.

Put Wireless Issues on a Leash

Correlate application and access network performance with signal quality, link speed and additional wireless metrics.

Track SaaS Use in the Wild

Analyze SaaS application performance trends by application, location, end user, network connection and more.