Stay Connected Online or In Store

Get visitors engaged with convenient
service and novel experiences,
all underpinned by fast, flexible and
reliable network connectivity.

Personalizing the Biggest Brands

RichRelevance plays a critical role in bringing bespoke recommendations to the most iconic retailers.
ThousandEyes ensures that the network connections essential for this personal touch don't get crossed.
Kevin Duffey
VP, IT Operations

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Optimize Your Connectivity for Efficient Transactions

Ensure your users can browse and buy in the their own time, and not a second more.

Don't Put the Shopping Cart Before the Horse

Your retail business runs at the speed of your network. Monitor every part it,
whether you are online-only or have a footprint of thousands of stores.

Speed Up Your Online Experience

From the moment customers enter your storefront, ensure ecommerce services and underlying network infrastructure are available, fast and optimized.

See Your Entire Digital Supply Chain

Ensure connectivity between every store, warehouse and data center with Enterprise and Endpoint Agents across your WAN.

Optimize Distributed Operations

Keep POS, payment gateways, personnel, merchandising and logistics humming by monitoring internal services, third-party APIs and SaaS apps in the cloud.

We Work with Leading Retailers

Here are some of the companies currently benefiting from network intelligence.